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Anyone can admire Hardanger, but come to Jaeren,
here you will find nature for the advanced.

58.667°N, 5.650°E


Rocky beach at Randaberg. 40 min driving
from my home. A storm closing fast and
hiding the popular ligthouse at Tungenes
in the end of this rocky shorline.

With this photo I won Microsoft products
for about 6000NOK (

Google earth.


Cumulus is rising behind the horizon.
15min driving from me near a great
viewpoint where we can enjoy the
view of 40km+ of Jærens coastline.

Google earth.


Nærland, a place where I have spent
many hours with my camera. Not only
to shoot pictures but to get fresh air.

Google earth.


 "Jærhus" a characteristic house in this area.
This one is located at an old priest recidence.
"Hå gamle prestegård".


Left: Our local church. Finished in 2004.
A nightshot on tripod.

Right: Here in this area the farmers
have used windpower for a long time.
Here are the remains after a construction
which transferred the force of the wind into
his barn for grinding and cutting.


One of our local small harbours (Madland)
facing the rough North Sea.
The storm Inga hitted this one badly.
In the water (middle right) you can see
the remains of the buildings that was
originally located left of the boat.


Orre, one of our many great beaches.

This picture is taken a thuesday, on the first
day in 2008. Its about 16.00 hours and
the orange evening sun is coloring
the beach in deep orange colors.

This beach is about 3,5km long.

 A powerful Aurora Borealis over Jæren.
Very rare at this latitude.

Shot sequence with EOS20D
and animated in flash.